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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> not fair and balanced. maybe they will think about it. >> thanks for joining us. everybody. america's nows headquarters starts right now. have a great day. a fox news alert. one city remembering the boston bombings. >> it rocked the finish line and injured hundreds and killing throw people. we have seen incredible courage and resilience. live pictures from boston where we await the remarks from vice-president biden. molly is live in boston as well. molly, boston is still strong. >> reporter: absolutely. it is an emotional day and tribute and remembrance and remembering those lives that were lost and altered on the day
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of the bombing one year ago today. the tributes are under way as i speak. and there is a tremendous and emotional day with hero's speaking and honored and spoken with earlier in the ceremony. the firefighters were asked to stand and medical professionals and those are the people that were acknowledged for saving lives. and reverend liz walker kicking things off and spoking about the people who lost their lives. >> we remember martin richard, tough and competitive, coined and caring. a dorchester kid through and through. also earlier in the day, on the street where the finish line was
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and the bombings occur families had an emotional and ceremonies. >> molly, we can see the live picture as the ceremony goes forward. and we expect vice-president biden to speak in live. >> looking back at the victims of the senseless tragedy. martin richard was standing near the finish line. his mother and sister were badly injured in the blast. the third grader was kind hearted with an infectious smile that all of the girls found irresistant. >> and sun li was working and she was hard work anything optimistic. her parents travelled from china to mark the death.
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a group of her classmates are running the marathon next week in her honor. >> chrissin campbell watched every year. they told the family she was injured and her identity was confused with a friend by her side. she worked long days and nights as a restaurant manager. >> shaun collier was killed in the aftermath gunned down three days later while the tarznia brothers were on the run. he was just days away from taking a job in the police department when the bombing suspects cut his life short. >> in six days, thens of runners will take part in the boston
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marathon race. organize ares are trying to find a balance of coping everyone safe. we have a member of the house homeland security committee. thank you for joining us. this is a huge day one year later and what is it like to plan the event after what happened this year. >> sandra, thank you very much. this is a challenge for the boston police department and they are truly outstanding. they are first rate. you will see certain basic changes. i doubt if you see back packs allowed nearby. and you will so more surveillance on the way that you have seen before. and we'll find cooperation between the fbi and police. and one of the short comings last year, it turned out this it
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is fbi did not share with the boston police department on the older brother. it is the type of information should be shared and my understanding that the cooperation is first rate. there is me silver bullet and one thing we'll have is back packs and as far as the runners bring in the bags with them and all of that will be changing. >> you mentioned how things will change dramatically and there is adeleicate balance tone allowing the runners to enjoy themselves versus keeping them safe. that will be a tough balance to strike in this case. you think that will be accomplished one year later? >> i think they will. i do know the boston police
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department does not want to take away from the marathon. their goal is to have maximum security and do it in a way that will not ruin the day for the people. you will see first rate security here. and the people will also get the full experience of the national morathon. >> what kind of insight on visible and nonvisible security. there will be measures to be taken. and there is more hidden security and cameras and devices. what will be happening in this case? >> i will not give up anything that boston will do. certainly in new york. there is cameras and plains clothe asks experts that look for the different traits and
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facial mannerism. and you will so that and people on officer tops and people that you never expect. they can be dressed in raguddy and casual clothes. but they are experts and they are there and counter terrorism experts and will be doing their job. and all of the intelience in the area is analyzed. not only here but overseas. and anything that has the slightest connection to the boston marathon. >> as a lifelong runner, i can say that runners are resilient and the governor of massachusetts said they are very prepared and the security planning has been on steroids. congressman peter king, thank you. >> thank you, keep running. >> thank you. now new concerns about the possibilities of a civil war in
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ukraine. a military operation to regain control of eastern ukraine begins. bret baier is here. thank you for joining us. the stakes on the ground, prorushiab fighters in eastern ukraine are starting to kill the police officers and go after the territory, has the invasion begun? >> it is already reports from the associated press said heavy gun four in a airport in eastern ukraine. russian separatist and masked men who are not wearing uniforms but they are directly tied they believe to russia have taken over government buildings in nine different cities and the ukranians are pushing back and there is already confrontation. this is a source situation. i don't think that you can overstate where we are here. it is elevating by the day and the tension is building and you have the russian freedom prime
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saying that this country is on the brink of civil war and using america as kind of the push back. he's saying that because america was america was involved ukraine can not elect its o g. he's saying a government should be a chiefed without imposters and nationalist and without tanks or secret visits by the director of the cia. this comes after the director of the cia, mr. brennan made a visit to ukraine and russians are using that against the u.s. >> interesting because the ukranians in the early days, showed restraint and their army and military has not fought back. but is there a concern that if the ukranians need it stand up here, that might give putin an
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excuse to say, i have to go in here with the tens of thousands of russian troops that are on the border? >> it is the excuse they are waiting for. and that is the going bet. once this starts in earnest and the ukranians push back and they are announcing the counter terrorism operation is underway, the russians would step in. there is a scheduled meeting in geneva with european leaders and the russians and the russian foreign minister la vrov said if there is gunfire that meeting on their side is off. >> you have the sanks that are in place and they are going to be ratcheted up. and it seems like the russians have not slowed or stopped at all and only seems to be increasing. >> and the meetings that president obama was involved with and secretary kerry is
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meeting with the counterpart and nothing came of it. it is ramping up the stakes. he had a phone call with vladimar putin and it sounds tense. >> if there is not a back up to that and i know the administration continues to talk about sanctions and point out the fact that the russian stock market is dropping 20 percent and the investors are leaving it doesn't have the affect. and then russian jets flying over u.s. ships and shadowing the ships. it is devolving and overstating the importance. >> ukraine and all of the big national stories will be all over it. >> thanks for joining us brett shipp. >> today is tax day and like no other will be seen. how obama care will impact taxes
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for americans and businesses is playing out. scary moments on a plane midflight. who stepped up to takedown a man, when a passenger tried to open the aircraft emergency door. >> oscar pistorias, finally done after days of painful testimony. the athlete broke over. one final accusation from the prosecutor. >> and accountive evidence, as strong as. this the court will on on are putting you understand that. >> i can't understand that.
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today is tax day. obama care fines those going forward without insurance. plenty of americans are unaware of how the law will impact them. joining us is charlie, who is with the fox news network. some folkses don't have the tax ands they don't know the reality of the situation yet. and some tax preparers are spending time educating people on the changes. let's be honest. people think they are getting socialized and a frobie. he said if you want your old insurance you get to keep it. it is a bait and switch that obama administration used. it is a weird contraption involving insurance and based on subuddies that you might be able to get and penalties that you
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might face. those penalties to wade through them you need to be a lawyer or accountant and this is a full deployment account. it is a morass and probably catching everybody by surprise. and you know what, it is part of the growing pains since we passed the law. what is happening as folks do go and do their taxes? what are they getting hit with. >> we can't tell right now. this is a story to be developed. we don't know if it is a net plus or minus. you go to the tax prepayers and you may have your premiums that may go up because of obama care and your tax pay go up. but your premiums might be greater than your taxes and if you qualify for all of the subsidies that are embedded in the law, your premiums might be
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lower than your taxes. the way it pasted muster it was a tax. it was like the obama care penalty is a tax. and congress can impose a tax. it is impossible to know when the dust settles in a month or so and we hear the horror stories and talk to the people and so where it comes out and president's ax proval rating. you will know who is getting screwed or who is not. we had you on for a subject that talked about the social security education going after the children of sdoesed parents for money that was never collected. there is breaking developments on this. >> they did a 180 because of me. i am kidding. listen, let's be honest this is one of the strangest laws that
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you as a subling may owe back taxes for somebody or may owe money that was given to your father 30 years before and used by your mother and after your father died. you may owe that back and they can sews your taxes. i said it then and i said it now. it sounds orwellian and legally it sounds unconstitutional. and where is the dew process that you may have benefitted from a bag of popcorn that was given to you from your dead father. >> this was written in the farm bill. >> right. >> right. >> it was going on for three years. all of the sudden people started noticing it was happening to them. and going on for three years and social security commissioner put a halt to this while they do a review? i mean at least someone is not
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highway on drugs over there. i don't know what to say. it was a biwrar law and i couldn't believe it when i read it in the washington post. we played it up and did something good for taxpayers. ncharlie, covering it off. >> and charlie cut through the noise. >> don't hold back. >> trouble terror the subon the bottom of the ocean. the first mission was cut short. >> and a midair meltdown. we'll hear from someone who helped to takedown a passenger who tried to allegedly open the emergency dor. >> a gentlemen wanted us to visit the lord today and decided to open up the back hatch of the southwest airline flight while we were already up in the air. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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>> the unmanned subgoing back in to the ocean today. and it surfaced six hours in the 16 hour planned search. the problem is, it reached the maximum depth short of the ocean's bottom. idate turned up nothing of interest so far relating to the missing jet liner. >> federal charges for a passenger who tried to open an emergency exit. it took several people to restrain them. will, it sounds like he wanted to so god?
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>> thort. this plan was going from chicago to sacramento. an hour in the flight passengers heard screaming. look at cell phone video of the immediate aftermath. airport police are escorting the 23 year old off of the southwest flight that landed in oma ha. >> monique shot the video and here's what she had to say. >> some gentlemen decided he wanteditous visit the lord today and decided to open up the back hatch of the southwest airline flight while we were in the air and gave us a big scare today. >> when he made the move for the dor, flight takenedants starts screaming and passengers jumped on top including dr. scott porter, chief resident in the
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medical center. when he first heard the screams, he thought about his family. >> you hear a stu wardess hear help. and there was screams and the only way i would get back to them was take the matter in my own hands. >> dr. porter said sugs eyes were dilated and in his medical opinion he was on some sort of drug. sugs faces 20 years in prison and it is not a good idea to try to open an airplane dorin midflight. >> and after five day was relentless grilling. prosecutors have ended the cross examination of the blade runner but not without one final argument. >> she locked herself in the
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toilet and you armed yourself with the purpose of shooting and killing her. >> not true. >> afterwards indeed, you were overcome by what you've done. that is thorough. >> that is on true my lady. >> only because it was your intention to kill her. >> not thorough my lady. >> we watched the prosecutor to urge pistorias of lying when he said the shooting was an accident. pistorias faces 25 years to life in prison of pre-meditated murder. >> and irs still under four for targeting conservative groups is reconsidering plans to limit the political activities of other
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groups. >> an emotional day in boston as that community pauses to remember the victims of the marathon bombings. people who were killed and injured and their families, my heart goes out to them. for me, my friend exercise family are fine and i didn't get to finish and i will do that this year. >> usually in our moments of weakness. we are vulnerable and things call apart. that process brings us to a position of strength. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. without standard leather. you are feeling exhilarated with front-wheel drive.
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>> prosecutor filing murder charges against a man who did the shooting in an complex in the city. one count of first-degree murder and accused of killing three people in an awful tragedy. a powerful storm barrelled through the gulf coast area. and a dozen trailers and downed trees and cut power. star gazers with clear skies and a blood moon taken on a reddish hue. it happens when the sun, earth
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and moon line up and the earth casts a shadow on the moon. nfox nows alert. have been bide boyd will make remarks on the victims of the bombing in boston. we'll listen right now. >> in my career, i've been part of and witnessed some incredible tributes. but i have to say, and my friend edmarky. i've never, never, ever witnessed a tribute like i've heard today. jill and i -- (applause) and jill and i are honor ared to
10:34 am
be asked and let me say to those survivors, my god, you have survoufed and you have soarred. it was worth. it i mean this sincerely just to hear each of you speak. you are trowely, trowely inspiring. i've never heard anything so beautiful as to what you all have said. i really mean that. (applause) you are really good young man. i am source. it is remarkable. governor, mayor walsh. and you always speak well and tommy, i can tell you one thing, there is not a single person in here whose heart you did not
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speak to. they understood every single word you said. (applause) you have been my friend for a long time and the reason they heard it. your heart is big as this city. and it is an honor to be with you. (applause) >> and tom, boston athletic association. first of all thank you for having jill and me. and what an incredible job you've done in the one organization. i mean, this is an important day. an important day for the survivors and i think you bostonians don't understand it is an important day for the nation and for america. and the families of martin and linzu. and crystal and officer collier, this is i know from some experience, it is a bitter,
10:36 am
bittersweet moment for all of you. and those of you. and many of you have gone through your own sorios and know that the anniversary that is celebrated and paid tribute. it brings every member back. and every memory back in a sharp relief, that in's sense you almost rather not have it happen. and as i said to you when we talked in the back of the auditorium. thank you for your courage. thank you for your courage. and i hope you take some solace again from the outpouring of love and affection of all of the people in this great city and country. but it is still difficult. it is i know that no memorial, no words, no acts can fully
10:37 am
provide the solace that your hearts instill and yearn to acquire. i hope it eases your grief a little bit. as i said, it takes incredible courage for you to be here. i want you to know that you are an inspiration. without knowing it, people who suffer tragedies and going through tragedy, they see you and hear you. and know of you, and the fact that you are here, i promise you, gives them hope that maybe, maybe, they can overcome what they are facing right now. it is the one thing that you vastly underestimate about what you are doing for so many people in dealing with your own grief and such courage. you inspire them and we owe you for just being back. and patrick and adrian, luis and all of the survivors here and
10:38 am
elsewhere, you are living proof. you're living proof that america, america can never be defeated. you are the proof of that assertion. so much has been taken from you, but you never, never, have given up and all of the other survivors that are not here. not even in the tough days in the hospital beds and looking and staring at the ceiling and thinking god, i don't know how i can do this anymore. i don't want to do this anymore. and wondering how much more can you take? but you mustered the courage and you got up and kept going and you brought a lot of other people with you, as you walked on that prosthetic leg, and you're here. you are undeterred and you are unyielding. and the perseverance in the face of challenge, that is an old-
10:39 am
fashioned. that is pure courage. that is just courage. my mom, and they kid me, i talk about my mom. my mom was a great old irish lady and she is an expression and she told to each of my siblings and to me, joey you are do fined by your courage and redeemed by your loyalty. the four of you are the purist example of my mother's standards i have ever met. you are defined by your courage and you are redeemed by your loyalty. you didn't just say take care of yourself. and the loyalty, that you have inspired, in this great city, and even though i am not a boston fan, i love you guys, man. what, what an incredible city. it really is. you are an incredible, incredible city. and i know politicians are not
10:40 am
supposed to say that, that you are not a red sox fan. and where i come from. if you are red sox fan you get the hell kicked out of you. there was good reason not to be a red sox fan. you have become a face of american resolve. not unlike 9/11. it is for the whole world to so. i have travelled 900,000 miles simply being vice-president. and people know all about you. they know who you are. and they know your pride and they know your courage and your resolve. they know who you are. and you know what, that's why the twisted cowardly terrorist do what they do. they try to instill fear, they
10:41 am
try to instill fear, so that we will jettison what we value most and the what the world values about us. an open society. our system of justice, our freedom of religion and access to opportunity, and the free throw of information, ideas in people across the country. >> and the willingness and capacity to gather in any numbers and say what we believe. that's their objective. that's what they attempted in boston, to make us afraid, not just boston afraid, to make america afraid. so that maybe, maybe we begin to change our way. that's the objective. the very soul of who we are they figure if they instill enough
10:42 am
fear we will change. >> it infuriates them that we refuse to bend or change or refuse to yield to fear. you are boston strong. but america is strong, they are not unlike you. all around america, that's what makes us so proud of the city and state. and what makes me so proud to be an american. we have never yielded to fear. never. just at what you have done to consider from the attack. forming support groups and colleges set up scholarship and support charity drive and houses of worship to provide healing and comfort and so much more. you're organizations like the
10:43 am
one fund have gone above and beyond to raise millions of dollars to help the families and victims of the survivor to the city to recover and rebuild. you took pride in the community that stood by and protected you. provide in the world's greatest doctors, nurses and emt's and national guard and members of the national guard, and veterans and teachers, of course, pride in the world's greatest police officers and firefighters as we mentioned repeatedly today. (applause) last year, i had the great honor of asking to speak in the service for officer collier in mi t. when i arrived in the field on
10:44 am
the campus. thousands of men and women in uniform stood in line. it was as far as the eye could see. they showed up because they have an obligation to serve and unbreakable sense of duty. it is not just what they do, it is who they are. and who shaun collier was patrolling to protect the campus and the community he loves and also what officer dennis simmons who put his life on the line last year in a shootout to hunt down the killer and suffered a head injury and ultimately succumbbed. and also the four fires, michael kennedy and ed walch. recently had to deal with when they responded. and their grieving families,
10:45 am
knew every single time they responded to an alarm, something like this could happen. we know there is to the a single moment of hard ship in which america has not been transformed by and made stronger by. we know it with a certainty. it is the history of the journey of america. and written not only in the brave men and women we honored today in uniform. but anchored in the undaunting courage and resolve of ordinary americans. that's the incredible thing about americans. we teach our children this in school that those are qualities ingrained in our national character and stamped in our dna. they are our national identity and they continue to define who we are. and last year's marathon, the
10:46 am
whole world witnessed ordinary citizens, ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. people delivering blankets and water and doctors running to the finish line to the hospital to care withed the wound happen. resident and stores opening doors for shelter. and the iconic photograph, carlos, carlos in his cowboy head pushing jeff off of the scene after having lost both legs. that photograph and that picture is hanging on walls around the world. carlos did what you bostonians do and americans do. carlos ran to him. rather than from him.
10:47 am
the normal human instinct is to run from, not to. he was not a firefighter or's trained medic or a police officer, but yet, he instinctively ran to. that's what bostonians do, and what they did and what the world saw. and that's what america does. next monday on patriot's day when i am told of the 36,000 people line up to start the marathon, you will send a resounding message around the world not just to the rest of the world, but to the terrorist, that we will never yield. we will never cower. america will never, ever, ever stand down. (applause) we are boston, we are america.
10:48 am
we respond. we endower. we overcome and we own the finish line. god bless you all and may god protect our troops! (applause) >> we own the finish lean. moving words from vice-president bide boyd. this is personal. he referenced in the beginning going through his own grief, a car crash that took the life of his first wife mi la hunter and their daughter and he feels the moments in his bones and the families of the victims, boston, one year later and talk about moving on. and this is difficult. >> it is a day not only for the vice-presidents and the survivors, but a day for boston and the country as well. no doubt about it. we'll be right back. for hearburn?
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a war of words heating up in a land dispute between a nevada rancher and the federal government in a case that's likely going to be decided in a courtroom. we bring in judge andrew napolitano. judge, what's the latest on this? where do you see this going? it's been this standoff. we see the government in there, security officers with guns. some family members tased. it's been pretty ugly. where does it go now? >> i'm actually a little fearful. though the government appears to have backed down now, their local mouthpiece, senator harry reid, indicated this is not over. no one really knows what they mean by "this is not over."
10:53 am
the federal government has a valid judgment to exclude the rancher's cattle from the land and to collect the fair market value of the grazing fees of those cattle. with the federal government chooses to enforce this using violence and intimidation, this is going to start all over again. if they choose to enforce it the way you or i would enforce a judgment against each other, they docket it in the courthouse. and whenever he passes away, they'll get the first $1 million out of the inheritance or whenever he sells the property. >> a lot of support urz of the family say the federal government is coming down too strong, they're worry about the power and reach of the federal government. but give us the other side of this, which is why haven't they paid about $1 million in taxes, fees to the government? if you owe them, don't you have to pay them? >> here's the government's side. the bundys used this property and claimed that it was theirs and then that it belonged to the state of utah.
10:54 am
so the government sued the state of utah and the bundys and the federal government won. and the state of utah appealed to it a federal appeals court and the appeals court did not disturb. then the federal government went back to a trial judge and got an order saying, give us an order authorizing us to remove them from our land since they won't leave voluntarily. this is not a tax, it's a grazing fee set by congress, the amount of money the bundys owe for letting their cattle roam free on federal property which they thought was their property or the state of utah's property and the state of utah let you graze your t cattle for free. >> and senator harry reid is the majority leader, has president obama's ear, does his bidding on health care and other issues. when he says, this is not over, what in the world can that mean? does that mean the federal
10:55 am
government now might move back in? >> i think the federal government will probably move back in. if they do the right thing, they will do it peacefully, civilly in a courthouse. but if they want this show of force like they had yesterday, they're probably going to meet with a lot of resistance from a lot of patriotic americans who don't like the federal government using guns to do what they should be doing with paper and pencil. the other interesting thing about harry reid -- you know this better than anybody -- his former chief of staff now runs that division of the bureau of land management. he has a personal and political relationship to this as well. >> judge andrew napolitano, this case is far from over. >> it is so good to see you up here in new york, mr. henry. >> thank you, good to see you as well. >> it is nice to have you here. it was 67 years ago today that baseball and this country changed forever. how baseball plans to honor the late, great jackie robinson.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. it was 67 years ago today that baseball and this country changed forever. how baseball plans to honor the late great jackie robinson. today does mark that very special day. >> all players are going to be wearing jackie's number, 42. teams will hold special on-field ceremonies, including the yankees. they're moving it to wednesday now because of rain here in new york city.
11:00 am
they'll host robinson's family, the family of nelson mandela as well. my son, patrick, turns 13 today. >> happy birthday to patrick. thanks so much for joining us. here's gretchen. i'm gretchen carlson. we start "the real story" today with a fox news alert. new fighting as ukraine tries to keep pro-russian forces out of its country. the ukraine government says it regained control of an eastern port during a day of heavy gunfire. and violence in the treat streets of kiev. a crowd attacking a pro-russian presidential candidate. and there was a phone call between presidents obama and putin late yesterday, appearing to make little headway. the kremlin saying, quote, in response to the president of the united states express concern about russia's supposed meddling in ukraine, the president noted


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